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“Voices of Sakura Kohinata” is released in Unity Asset Store. June 3, 2013

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“Voices of Sakura Kohinata” is released in Unity Asset Store.

Voice Actor :sakura kohinata

Japanese female 50 voices(for game).

Battle 32 voices,
Female 9 voices,
Moe 9 voices.

= total 50 voices!

sample voices


1. GPSchnyder - July 15, 2013

Can we get a list that gives us the translation of every sample to english?

nagisaf - July 15, 2013

We prepare for English translation from now on.
Please wait for one week.

nagisaf - July 23, 2013

Hi, I uploaded “translation.txt”.
You can get this from the link below.
-> download sample files (low bitrate)

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